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Chris Dyson is on a mission to develop an awareness of proper goaltender training throughout minor hockey, with a goal of having all coaches learn and understand the Essential Core Goaltending Skills (ECGS's), so they can properly work with their goaltenders. 



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In the hockey world, there is one constant complaint heard repeatedly from parents and players alike.

The vast majority of coaches do not understand or know how to properly work with and develop their goaltenders.  Many, however, believe they do, resulting in confusion  and frustration for the coach, parents, team, and goaltender.

About 'Target Practice'

Learn How To...

  • Approach, in an effective and knowledgeable way, the task of coaching goaltenders.
  • Understand how progressive goalie coaching is a necessity for success.
  • Learn the Essential Core Goaltending Skills every coach or parent must know in order to effectively work with his or her goalie (or even discuss technical aspects of the position).
  • Discover key elements affecting the goaltender's level of play that are not even taught by many goalie coaches.
  • Determine why bringing in "pseudo-goalie coaches" is one of the biggest mistakes coaches and parents make.
  • Connect with your goaltenders and understand what their frustrations are and how to help them cope.
  • Ascertain exactly what the most common mistakes are and the true "root causes" that are missed almost universally by untrained coaches
  • Without the knowledge provided in Target Practice, it is impossible to determine a proper course of action to rectify technical errors in the goaltenders game, and correct them.
  • Identify the number one complaint of many goalie parents and how you can deal with it immediately.
  • Comprehend the basic truth that goaltenders truly desire productive on-ice sessions and direct interactions with their coaches.
  • Recognize the number one, and most important skills a goaltender must focus on and develop in order to improve; most coaches miss them entirely.
  • Gain helpful strategies that actually make working with your goaltenders fun for both coaches and goalies.
  • Realize that when your goaltender is receiving proper training and attention, your whole team (as well as the parents of team members) will be more efficient and cohesive.
  • Confirm, finally, that you, as a coach, have an incredible amount of influence over the level of enjoyment or suffering your goaltenders will experience -- based solely on your commitment to and knowledge of the material in this book.
  • Become a positive influence on both your goalies and players. Be that coach who is fondly remembered years later, as the person who conneced with the players, provided good advice, traning and coaching and encouraged his/her players to stay in the game longer.


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"Chris provides what is missing from coaching programs and this is why this book is so important. Much of the information that is out there is too technical and unless you play the position it’s difficult to understand, so misinformation is given to the kids by minor hockey coaches who try to tell the goalies how they think the position should be played."

-Rick Heinz, Former NHL Goaltender

"If the advice contained in Chris‘ book is made mandatory learning for minor hockey coaches, it will positively change the face of goaltending in North America."

-Joni Hallikainen, Former Pro Goaltender

Target Practice provides exactly what is missing from minor hockey coaching certification programs… 

This book is filled with the knowledge, insight, and support you need to effectively and efficiently work the Essential Core Goaltending Skills that all goalies require, want, and yearn for their coaches to help them develop.

In Target Practice, Chris Dyson shares his 30+ years of goaltender coaching experience in order to provide simple, easy-to-understand, progressive development techniques, as well as common mistakes and an understanding of what coaches must learn and be aware of when developing goaltenders.

No other coach at the grassroots level has worked with more goaltenders or generated the incredible results we have...

Inside Of This FREE BOOK, Here Are Just A Few Of The 'MUST KNOW' Tools and Insider Secrets Chris Has Included For YOU

  • You can positively influence your goaltenders through proper training, but the biggest reward will be in knowing you will have made a difference in their enjoyment of the game -- and thus enriched their lives.
  • Progressive training and a basic understanding of the Essential Core Goaltending Skills are absolutely necessary to achieve the desired result.
  • The game is certainly not all about winning, but it is definitely more fun when you win more. No one understands this more than a goaltender. Proper goalie training, then, can only result in better goaltenders and happier teams.
  • As a coach, you have the power to help players attain goals and establish lifelong patterns of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Your actions and words will have an equally powerful -- but negative -- impact when you speak without the required knowledge contained within this book.
  • The methods and information provided within Target Practice are applicable to goaltenders of all ages and skill levels.
  • It is a FREE 164-page, #1 Bestselling book​- loaded with tested, proven strategies THAT WORK!


"Finally! Chris Dyson answered the questions no-one knew how to ask. After 25+ years involved in the industry, It’s great to see this grass roots level support and guidance for the most highly criticized, under- developed position in the game."

-Don Straus

Founder Armadilla Masks

"Target Practice is an important and valuable tool for coaches, goalies and particularly goalie parents. Target Practice drills down on techniques, tactics and the mind-set of a developing net minder. I look forward to the great potential of positive net minding results from young goalies who read and implement these valuable techniques guided by a passionate informed coaching staff and supportive parents. This publication is more than a 'must- read', it should be considered mandatory reading as it is a unique and revealing publication on the many aspects of goal tending. Congratulations to Chris Dyson in accomplishing this wonderful resource."

-Michael A. Charbon

Executive Producer/Live Producer, MAC Productions Inc.; Gemini Award, Best Sports Program or Series, Executive Producer/Co-Founder: National Women’s Hockey League; Live Hockey Executive Producer: The Sports Network (TSN), Sportsnet, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Hockey Canada, Canadian Hockey League (CHL), NWHL

“A lot of coaches aren’t eager to work with the goalie at all, and if their goalie is decent, they REALLY aren’t eager. Of course, when it starts to go south, they immediately start looking for help. They should be working to refine the goalie’s craft throughout the season.”

 -John Garrett

Former NHL Goaltender, Commentator for Hockey Night in Canada

“Providing coaches with the skills to properly work with their goaltenders is awesome and perfect. I cannot imagine a single coach not jumping at the chance to take advantage of such an opportunity, especially at the grassroots level.”

-Larry Feist

Publisher, Hockey Now Magazine

“I have never before seen information for coaches that

is so useful, easily digestible, quick to read, and easy to implement. Hockey coaches and parents everywhere will be thrilled with the content of this book!”

-Colin Hopper

President of Source for Sports London,

Former President of Sports Distributors

About the Author

Chris Dyson

Chris Dyson is a man on a mission. An advocate for the ethical advancement of children in minor sports, he is currently writing his second book, tentatively titled ‘The 3 R’s of Raising Children - Respect, Resiliency, Resourcefulness’. 


His first book,Target Practice: 8 Mistakes That Ruin a Love of the Game has already achieved #1 Bestseller status and is recognized by many respected members of the hockey community, including global icon; Don Cherry, for helping coaches and parents better understand the position.

Chris has been a professional Goaltending Coach for 30+ years, conducting schools in three countries and coaching students from another 15. He is adamant that every young goaltender should receive the Essential Goaltending skills training at the grass roots level.

His goal is to positively affect the lives of 50,000 young athletes over the next 3 years. He has created Essential Goaltending Skills, A Certification Program, Powered by Puckstoppers and available through This is a unique online system developed for minor hockey organizations and coaches, to help them better communicate and develop their goaltenders.

A goaltender since the age 13, when, in his first league game, his teammates had to push him out to the net because he was barely able to skate.

Chris’ path has been anything but ordinary and had he viewed the world from a ‘normal’ perspective, it certainly would have taken a different path. He was born with a congenital heart defect and at the age of 7, he literally died many times over. In fact. he is written up in the medical journals of the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, for having nearly 100 cardiac arrests. in one day. He subsequently had a pacemaker permanently implanted to keep him alive.  

The following 10 years brought several more ‘incidents’ where pacemakers were broken, recalled (yes, recalled), or quit, resulting in more cardiac arrests and emergency hospital visits. By some miracle he survived, deifying all odds, and even more incredibly doing so without any residual effects.

Any medical practitioner will tell you, ONE cardiac arrest can cause brain damage and having several is almost certain to in some permanent trauma. Yet the doctors agreed, there was no damage whatsoever.

The time in and out of hospitals kept Chris from learning to skate, yet he persevered and ignored daunting circumstances. He was determined to play the game he a goaltender.

For nearly 35 years, Chris kept his condition a secret from almost everyone. He wanted no special treatment or label, he simply wanted to play hockey and live his life as a normal person.

Now, he is sharing his story with the hope of inspiring children and adults to persevere and pursue their dreams. Chris tells young athletes recovering from life threatening situations; “If the goal is big enough and the will is strong enough, we can accomplish anything you set our mind to do, don’t let fear stop you”.

After what seemed insurmountable odds, he went on to create Puckstoppers Goaltending Development, now one of the worlds longest running goalie development programs.

He has also experienced incredible success in a variety if different businesses and industries, as well as achieving the the status of #1 Bestselling Author. He regularly speaks, writes and develops programs designed to help children face adversity head on.

Chris attributes his success to the mindset that was created as a child in hospital, fighting for his life. Perseverance and the attitude “I can do anything I put my mind to” are at the forefront of his coaching and speaking engagements.

Chris has certainly not taken a normal path to his position as a professional goaltending coach, but as you can see, he has never really done anything ‘normally’.


Chris regularly speaks to audiences around the world on the subject of effective coaching, keeping children in the game and the long lasting affects a coach can have on a young athlete. Audiences have been enthralled with his passionate presentation, philosophies and riveting commentary on hockey and minor sports in general. 

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  • ​Far too many coaches think they can instruct their goaltender, when in fact they are often giving incorrect advice and actually driving kids away from the game...I love to help coaches better understand how to properly develop their goalies.
  • I want to give back to the game and say “thank you” to those who volunteer their time and effort for the kids! 
  • ​If I get my book into your hands, my hope is that it gets you excited to work with goalies and help them properly develop.
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